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Counseling Collective of Alaska

CCA was founded by myself and like minded colleagues in 2023. Our priority is to provide compassionate, trauma-informed mental health services. We are housed in a multidisciplinary clinic, sharing office space with Fairbanks Family Wellness and Golden Heart Health and Wellness. It is our hope that you will be supported in an integrative environment that understands the mind-body connection and can provide collaborative care. Please see the CCA website for more information or to request services. 

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When I became a mother I experienced first hand how difficult it can be to mange the balance of family, work, and my own health. When COVID hit I moved my practice online, and quickly grew to love telehealth due to the accessibility it offered many busy, time crunched patients. 

This Spring my husband and I decided to embark on an adventure and moved South. It was a no brainer to bring my patients with me, and I continue to offer morning and afternoon appointments via telehealth to Alaskans. 

While telehealth is not the right fit for everyone, I am grateful for the technology keeping me connected to my Alaskan roots. 




This is the first session following a consultation. It is a bit of a long appointment, however incredibly important. I take a full biopsychosocial history to look at your presenting problem from all angles. It is important that we paint an accurate picture of what is going on for you, and put it into context of your life. 

60 MINUTES $310
45 MINUTES $225

Individual counseling sessions are 50 minute that you get to devote to yourself and reaching your goals. Frequency of sessions is determined during the assessment, but commonly starts at 1x/week. This is time to devote to yourself and meeting your goals. 



I accept all major credit cards. Payments are charged at the beginning of each session.

Out-of-Pocket: You may chose to forego utilizing insurance benefits and pay in full. This allows me to treat you without having to diagnose you with a mental health diagnosis. 

Insurance: I am in network with BCBS and VA.

If you would like to use other insurance benefits I can bill your insurance as an OUT-OF-NETWORK PROVIDER. Prior to beginning therapy I urge you to contact your insurance company and verify your benefits with an estimate (we will not know exact coverage amount until I submit a claim)  of your financial responsibility. Typically, after a deductible is met insurance will pay for a portion of each session and the remainder will be your responsibility. Please keep in mind that for some plans billing out-of-network assigns a larger percentage to you. Also be aware, not all insurance plans cover online counseling/telehealth. 

If you would like to verify your own benefits call your insurance company and ask these questions:

  • ​Does my health insurance plan cover Telehealth with an out-of-network provider?

  • Do I have a deductible? If so how much is it, and have I met it yet? Do I have a separate deductible for out-of-network providers?

  • Does my plan limit how many sessions per calendar year I can have? If so what is my limit?

  • What percentage will my insurance cover or what is my coinsurance​

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